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Streaming Video

Watch any program in our series on Vimeo!  Just $8.95 for a week of unlimited viewing. Watch on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast. Click the videos below to rent or to preview!

How does the Vimeo streaming video feature work?

Select the programs you want to view and complete your on-line purchase from Vimeo. You can watch streaming programs as many times as you wish. Please note, you must be logged into your streaming video account at Vimeo in order to view your programs. 

An Introduction to Landscape Design DVD

Discover how to design your dream garden with this award-winning program.  Running time: 31 minutes

Landscape Plant Selection, Soil Preparation & Planting DVD

Learn how to prepare soil, select your plants, and install them in your garden.  Running time: 37 minutes.

Lawns in the Landscape DVD

You can have a beautiful lawn from seed or sod with the help of this program.  Running time: 33 minutes.

Perennials in the Landscape DVD

Create a beautiful perennial garden with step by step instructions from our experts. Running time: 38 minutes.

An Introduction to Plant Propagation DVD

Part 1: Our experts show you how to use propagation tools and materials, start plant s from seed, and make plant divisions.  Running time: 37 minutes.

Part 2: Our experts show you how to do stem, leaf and root cuttings, basic layering and grafting, and propagate cacti and succulents.  Running time: 56 minutes.

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