An Introduction to Landscape Design


Discover how to design your dream garden with this award-winning program.  Packed with practical information, you'll want to refer to An Introduction to Landscape Design many times as you design your beautiful landscape. This program was created not only for students and employees, but also for gardening enthusiasts who want to learn more about residential landscaping. Running time: 31 minutes.   


Widely used in the classroom to illustrate landscaping and horticulture concepts, it is divided into concise, easy-to-understand segments and was reviewed by a panel of teachers for accuracy. 



An Introduction to Landscape Design gives you an overview of:
  • The history of landscaping

  • Landscape design careers

  • Basic design concepts

  • Common residential landscape styles

  • How to do a site analysis

  • How to develop a design program

  • How to draw a landscape plan

  • Budget considerations   


Your host, Don Marquardt, ASLA, has taught Landscape Architecture Professional Certificate Courses at UCLA Extension for twenty-seven years. A licensed landscape architect with experience in both public and private residential landscape projects, Don recently retired as Parks Superintendent for Culver City, California.  A printed glossary of landscaping terms is included. Other programs in this series cover plant selection and planting, lawn installation, perennial gardening, and plant propagation techniques. 

Winner of these awards: Aegis Award, Communicator Award of Distinction. 


"…an excellent introduction to residential landscaping… Highly recommended..." Library Journal.     


 "…solid introduction to the world of landscape design… Recommended."  Video Librarian.




An Introduction to Landscape Design

Video Librarian

"...solid introduction to the world of landscape design... Recommended."

Hosted by Don Marquardt, a UCLA Extension teacher and parks superintendent for Culver City, CA, this solid introduction to the world of landscape design covers basic design concepts and elements for a variety of common residential styles.  Viewers will gain a general understanding of how to do a site analysis; how to create balance, contrast, variety, and unity in a successful garden design; and how to keep grandiose schemes within the budget.  The program also features a brief history of gardens (the Egyptians were the first to record their garden designs, while the Romans made extensive use of public and private gardens) giving viewers the sense that their little backyard gardens are part of a centuries-old tradition.  Suitable for both homeowners who wish to spruce up their yards and vo-tech students, the video comes with a two page glossary of landscaping terms.  The two other videos in the series are also available at the same price: Landscape Plant Selection, Soil Preparation & Planting and Lawns in the Landscape.  Recommended.

 Library Journal

" excellent introduction to residential landscaping... Highly recommended..."

This first of a three-part instructional series targeting both homeowners and students is an excellent introduction to residential landscaping.  (Don) Marquardt, who has taught landscape architecture for 25 years, in little over a half-hour very effectively covers a brief history of landscaping, basic design concepts, common residential styles, site analysis, creating a design program, drawing plans, making a budget, and the completed plan.  He also shows very clearly the steps involved in drawing the design.  The video is well filmed and features a pleasant, non-distracting guitar soundtrack.  Highly recommended for public libraries or high school or technical school libraries supporting landscaping classes.

An Introduction to Landscape Design


Aegis Awards Winner

Communicator Award of Distinction