Are programs in the Landscaping Video Series designed for classroom use?
  • Yes. Each program is divided into concise chapters for ease of use. The programs were reviewed by a panel of teachers for accuracy and include a printed glossary or program guide.

Who are the instructors?
  • Your host, Don Marquardt, ASLA, has taught Landscape Architecture Professional Certificate Courses at UCLA Extension for twenty-seven years. A licensed landscape architect with experience in both public and private residential landscape projects, Don recently retired as Parks Superintendent for Culver City, California. Our guest experts are highly qualified professionals in horticulture, landscaping, and commercial nursery operations.

How is the Landscaping Video Series different from other gardening videos on the market? 
  • Our programs are professionally produced tutorials on landscaping subjects.  You'll learn exactly what to do and why, step-by-step.  They are not a collection of gardening tips.
How does the streaming video feature work?
  • Simply go to our streaming video page, preview and select the programs you want to view, and complete your on-line purchase for this service. You can watch streaming programs as many times as you wish. Please note, you must be logged into your streaming video account at the Mindbites web site in order to view your programs.  Purchases from MindBites are subject to all MindBites customer policies.