Perennials in the Landscape


You can create a beautiful perennial garden with the help of this instructional program. Presented by two experts, Perennials in the Landscape takes you step-by-step through the process of designing and installing a new perennial garden. This program was produced not only for students and employees, but also for gardening enthusiasts who want to learn more about residential landscaping. Running time: 38 minutes.


Widely used in the classroom to illustrate landscaping and horticulture concepts, it is divided into concise, easy-to-understand segments and was reviewed by a panel of teachers for accuracy. 



Perennials in the Landscape shows you: 
  • Why perennials are so popular

  • How to use perennials in your landscape

  • Basic design concepts

  • Perennial plant selection criteria

  • How to do a site analysis

  • How to draw a planting design plan

  • How to install a new perennial garden

  • Basic maintenance requirements   

Your host, Don Marquardt, ASLA, has taught Landscape Architecture Professional Certificate Courses at UCLA Extension for twenty-seven years. A licensed landscape architect with experience in both public and private residential landscape projects, Don recently retired as Parks Superintendent for Culver City, California.
Don is joined by landscape designer Paula Henson, an expert on perennial plants and a featured guest on HGTV's Landscaper's Challenge. A printed glossary of landscaping terms is included. Other programs in this series cover landscape design, plant selection and installation, lawn installation, and plant propagation techniques.
Winner of these awards: Aegis Award, Telly Award, Communicator Award of Excellence.
“Highly recommended…”   Video Librarian

“Residential gardeners will find it worthwhile to view this program before starting any landscape project.”   Library Journal



Perennials in the Landscape


Video Librarian

"Highly recommended..."

The possibilities are endless: shade gardens, herb gardens, water or wetland gardens, old cottage gardens, or habitat gardens for birds and butterflies, just to name a few. Landscape architect Don Marquardt, host of Perennials in the Landscape, guides home gardeners through designing, selecting, planting, and maintaining their own dreamscape Shangri-La. Viewers will learn about perennials and how to incorporate them in the landscape, the importance of various garden concepts and design elements (including color, symmetry, shape, texture, grouping, and pattern), selection criteria (including zone hardiness and growth habit, sun and water requirements, and soil texture), and site analysis and planning, as well as soil preparation, planting, and garden maintenance (fertilizing, weeding, and deadheading). Landscape designer Paula Henson joins Marquardt as they makeover a lovely residential garden using all of the aforementioned techniques, with excellent camerawork complementing Marquardt's detailed instruction. Highly recommended.

Midwest Book Review

"...superbly produced and presented DVD series..."

Perennials in the Landscape is the fourth in a multi-part instruction series on residential landscaping specifically designed for gardening enthusiasts, vocational education students, homeowners, and entry-level employees on the subject of landscape design basics. Hosted by educator and landscape architecture expert Don Marquardt, this 38-minute, full-color, instructional DVD covers just what perennial plants are, their popularity, creating a practical garden design, and methodical instructions on installing and maintaining a new perennial border. Also very highly recommended for personal and community library Gardening & Landscaping reference collections are the other titles in this superbly produced and presented DVD series: An Introduction To Landscape Design; Landscape Plant Selection, Soil Preparation & Planting; and Lawns In The Landscape. 
Library Journal

"Residential gardeners will find it worthwhile to view this program before starting any landscape project."
Residential gardeners will find it worthwhile to view this program before starting any landscape project. Host Don Marquardt, ASLA, a professional landscape architect and teacher, begins with comments about what perennials are, including an explanation of plant nomenclature. He then discusses design concepts, plant selection criteria, site analysis, and planting. He and landscape designer Paula Henson take viewers through the step-by-step process of planting an actual bed. This program is one of a series of four videos covering landscape design, plant selection, and lawns and has won several well-deserved awards. While the content is covered is any good gardening book, the video presentation is a well-done alternative to print. This program will be a solid addition to any public library collection and might also be helpful as an introduction for vocational students participating in gardening programs.


Perennials in the Landscape


Telly Awards Silver


Aegis Award 

Communicator Award of Excellence