An Introduction to Plant Propagation


Propagating your own plants is fun, lets you grow hard-to-find plant material, and can save you money. Packed with practical, hands-on information, An Introduction to Plant Propagation shows you how to start your own plants from seed, by division, cuttings, layering, and grafting. Not only excellent for students and employees, this program is also ideal for gardening enthusiasts who want to learn more about growing their own plants. Running time: 91 minutes. 


Four horticulture experts take the mystery out of plant propagation with step-by-step instructions. Reviewed by a panel of teachers for accuracy, An Introduction to Plant Propagation is one of the most comprehensive programs available on the subject.



User-friendly menus take you to concise, easy-to-understand segments that will get you started with your propagation projects. An Introduction to Plant Propagation shows you: 

  • Plant propagation history and basic concepts

  • How to select and use propagation tools and materials

  • How to grow plants from seed in containers or in the garden

  • Plant division basics

  • How to do stem, leaf, and root cuttings

  • Basic layering and grafting techniques

  • Tour of a commercial wholesale nursery

  • How to propagate cacti and succulents  

Your host, Don Marquardt, ASLA, has taught Landscape Architecture Professional Certificate Courses at UCLA Extension for twenty-seven years. A licensed landscape architect with experience in both public and private residential landscape projects, Don recently retired as Parks Superintendent for Culver City, California. In this program Don is joined by:
David King, Director, The Learning Garden
Paula Henson, Owner, Terra Bella Landscape Design
Richard Kohlschreiber, Trustee, South Coast Botanic Garden
Tom Jesh, Owner, Daylily Hill Nursery
A glossary of plant propagation terms is included on the DVD. Other programs in this series cover landscape design, plant selection and installation, lawn installation, and perennial gardening.
Winner of these awards: Aegis Award Finalist, Communicator Award.
“A user-friendly, ‘hands-on’ guide enthusiastically recommended…” Midwest Book Review

 "A solid introduction to techniques that every gardener worth his or her compost should know, this is recommended.”  Video Librarian 



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An Introduction to Plant Propagation

Midwest Book Review 

"A user-friendly, 'hands-on' guide enthusiastically recommended..."

Hosted by Landscape Architecture Professional Certificate instructor Don Marquardt and featuring four talented horticultural experts, An Introduction to Plant Propagation is a step-by-step instructional DVD to basic gardening, whether growing plants from seed, by division, cuttings, layering, or grafting. Topics discussed include the fundamentals of plant propagation history, how to select and use the proper propagation tools and materials, standard techniques for cutting, layering, grafting, and division, how to propagate cacti and succulents, a tour of a commercial wholesale nursery, and more. A user-friendly, "hands-on" guide enthusiastically recommended for novice to intermediate gardeners.

Video Librarian

"A solid introduction to techniques that every gardener worth his or her compost should know, this is recommended."

For those who don't know propagation from propaganda, An Introduction to Plant Propagation is about growing plants, and it's not just for newbies, as there are plenty of gardeners out there who buy all of their plants from a nursery, and have never planted a seed, divided a clump of rhizomes, or rooted a cutting. The off-the-shelf approach is fine for those who can afford it, but it's much more fun (cheaper as well) to work hand-in-hand with nature, seeing what you can grow on your own. Don Marquardt, who has taught landscape architecture and is the Parks Superintendent in Culver City, CA, is the green-thumbed host for this well-organized program that includes tips and techniques for growing seeds, dividing established plants, making cuttings from stems, leaves and roots (and which plants are best adapted for each method), and layering and grafting. techniques. Featured guests include the director of Los Angeles' The Learning Garden (a garden for kids), a professional landscape designer, a nursery owner, and the trustee of a botanic garden. A solid introduction to techniques that every gardener worth his or her compost should know, this is recommended.

Library Journal

"...this very well produced and informative program would be... a useful introduction to the subject for vocational students."

Why propagate plants? Probably the chief reason is that it's a less expensive way to expand the number of plants you know and love. The tools are readily available, and the techniques are relatively easy, thanks to this helpful video. Host Marquardt, a landscape architecture professional, reviews all types of propagation processes, including growing plants from seeds, incorporating plant division, using stem, leaf or root cuttings, and layering and grafting. Marquardt then takes the viewer to a commercial nursery where propagation takes place on a large scale. Here, we see a demonstration of how to propagate one of the more than 2000 varieties of cactus (hint: very carefully - it can be a painful process, "like courting a porcupine"). The DVD features include a chapter index and a glossary. Like A.C. Burke's Perennials in the Landscape, this very well produced and informative program would be a good addition to public library collections and a useful introduction to the subject for vocational students.


An Introduction to Plant Propagation


Aegis Awards Finalist

Communicator Award Honorable Mention